Name: Saryien Daule

Age: 19

Gender: Female

Species: Human

Magic: Null

Weapon of Choice: Krandian Short Bow

Role: Mage Hunter Third Rant, Attached to Urius Gant

Description: Short, though more fit than a regular girl of her age, with lean muscles. Has a thin, sharp, pale and watchful face with straight dark hair of medium length, with pale blue grey eyes. Wears the silver and black uniform of the Mage Hunters which she keeps very clean and well maintained. She often carries a bow and quiver, her unique preferred weapon for hunting Mages. This is, unlike her uniform, rather worn, with foreign markings and talismans hung on them. The arrows are new, however, being modified to be unaffected by magic and thus generally impossible for a mage to deflect. Though it seems a strange choice, with it she is nearly as deadly as if she had a gun and has a remarkable skill at firing it while running or performing other activities, this coming from a background of training with the bow on horseback.

History: Saryien Daule grew up the eldest child on a small farm in the Dalysian province of Krandan. Her father was very patriotic and a volunteer member of the dragoons - as he was often away and occupied with the Civil war, Saryien grew used to running a farm and her life by herself. When he was at home her father kept her in the saddle and training with a variety of weapons - though a girl he hoped she would start in the military at a young age, getting to a high and comfortable position. Before this could happen, her father was killed by Dalysian Rebels. Her mother, unable to pay for the farm and distraught, moved to Dalisor to become a factory worker. To supplement her family, Saryien joined the military, her spartan childhood letting her ascend to the ranks of the Mage Hunters, where she caught the eye of Urius Gant who has come to rely on her as a trustworthy underling. She currently is working as liaison between Gant and Escher Kettell in whatever efforts Gant delegates.