Name: Ronil "Phoenix" Arkenlite

Age: 26

Gender: Male

Species: Avianid

Magic: Master Red Mage - Master of all Red Magic Disciplines

Weapon of Choice: A long solid metal staff, overlaid with gold. The end is a weighted cylinder with carvings around it, acting as a channel for his magic.

Role: Purity Flames Officer

Appearance: Phoenix, as he prefers to be called, is a tall and ruggedly handsome Avianid with a mane of deep russet red hair with lighter streaks throughout. He wears a headband of black, with the red Purity Flame symbol on it. His wings are also coloured like his hair. His eyes are a deep orange. He generally dresses very well - he wears fine but practical clothing, in contrast to the austere robes the Purity Flames tend to wear. His current outfit is a long scarlet coat over a white shirt with brown trousers and large boots to match. He wears a light silken scarf around his neck, which is gilded with a rainbow of dark colours. On close inspection it can be found he exhibits many "old" Avianid traits - he has pronounced Avianid fangs, for example. He also has various old style Avianid tattoos across his body as well as many gold piercings, such as multiple earrings.

History: Ronil Arkenlight was born in an outer area of the GAC. From a young age he showed a remarkably, almost frightening talent with magic. By the time he was a teenager he could already match most Red Mages in his area, having complete control over fire, lightning and wind. He signed up for military duty as a mercenary, in Dalysium, but was irritated by the constant reprimanding he received for "hazardous" use of magic. He believed he was being held back and had a sneaking suspicion that the GAC was moving on a path to greater restriction. He began to question the correctness of the fight they were in, starting to sympathize with the rebel's cause, and eventually betrayed his company and switched sides. His pride in his magic made him naturally gravitate towards members of the rebellion that were part of the Purity Flames, seeing them as a powerful tool to further the Rebellion. He sees his magic as a gift, that must be used at it's full potential. He has been reported to have wiped out whole parties of Dalysian Federalists with contemptuous ease.

He was assigned as commander of a Dalysian Rebel airfleet in Taloc, from where the mission on Dalisor was plotted and set in motion. The original plan was to have Frederick Blackthorn set up as leader of the Purity Flames in Dalisor after kidnapping a Dalysian Royal. However, Blackthorn was killed in the failed mission. The Purity Flames leaders have determined Dalisor to be a more dangerous operation than before thought and have moved command of all operations there to Phoenix, believing him to be strong enough to overrun any sort of opposition.