Name: Jeremy Lannigan

Age: Early 40s

Magic: Silver(Truesmith) Can forge, temper, and manipulate metals magically. Cannot create, destroy, or elementally transmute metals, but can alloy, unalloy, and re alloy if all component elements are present. Cannot construct what he doesn't understand. Cannot create Magical Artifacts. See entry in Magic for details.

Race: Human

Appearance: Tall, powerfully built, stong features, rawboned. Coarse greyshot black hair, deepset gunmetal eyes, handlebar moustache. Wears long coat, boots, and a wide brimmed hat.

Jeremy Lannigan holds a license as a Certified Locksmith, and maintains a one man shop on at the top end of Albosul, near, but not quite in, Carthureos.Therefore, it occaisions no surprise that his coat pockets always contain a harp type multitool, a screwdriver with an assortment of bits in the handle, a small multiple wrench, a set of picks and probes, and a clutter of bits of wire, old screws, etc. He habitually carries an assortment of knive, and often has heavy cavalry revolvers in a double spring clip shoulder holster and a short sword on his person.

Jeremy is a Truesmith, a minor but useful inborn Magic talent. A Truesmith can persuade metal to do what he wants it to. Truesmithing has its advantages: a Truesmithed item is not Magical in itself, so no Magehunter can detect it. However, the process does have a clear Magical trace while in use, so that when Jeremy is persuading a tool to be all it can be, or a lock to give up it's secrets, or a steam engine to rise above its performance limit, he is exposed to many of the Magehunters detectors. While Trusmithing isn't a whole lot of use in a fight, all of Jeremy Lannigan's personal tools and weapons are Truesmithed, so his blades are keen and well tempered, his revolvers are beautifully sighted and timed with light, clean triggers, and his tools are utterly reliable. Badly made, badly treated metal and machinery affect Jeremy like abused puppies.

Jeremy sees no reason for Magic and Technology to clash, and truly cannot understand the Royal Cause's supporters. He himself works at the juncture of Magic and Technology quite comfortably. He deeply resents the Mage Hunters, who slaughtered his family, and regards the Royalists' hostility to non-humans as totally irrational.