Fellmoor Edit

Species Edit

Fellmoor - Homo Mammalia

Location Edit

Native to Dalisor, and not prone to leaving due to cultural values.

Origin Edit

Believed to have been Primitive Magi attempts at duplicating the Elven breeding program. While considered a failure, the Fellmoor were not destroyed like many others, but used as servants and slaves due to their submissive dispositions.

Appearance Edit

Fellmoor's are generally human in appearance, with the males being slightly larger and the females slightly smaller. They have long, pointed ears roughly twelve inches long and almost horizontal, going towards the back of the head rather then out to the side.

The males generally have large tufts of fur on the end, whilst females have a small growth of hair growing like a very small ponytail, or none. This hair can be shaved off, but it is painful and grows back quickly.

Both genders have a lot of hair on their head, and it is almost impossible to find a full-blooded Fellmoor with short hair. In males the hair generally grows into the fur around their shoulders and biceps, whilst the fur on a females shoulders and biceps is usually too thin to join with the headhair.

As stated, Fellmoor's of both genders have fur on their upper half. Most males' backs are covered in fur, while a female may have only a thin trail down their spines. Males generally have fur growing over their Pelvis and thighs, making it awkward to wear clothes. This is usually trimmed down on male Servants so they can wear clothes easier. A female has the same, but the fur is thicker and generally takes a Fellmoor Groomer to trim.

Both genders have tails, though the females is generally longer and more like a foxes than the males, which is like a long-haired dog tail. Both genders also have small retractable claws, like a feline.

Disposition Edit

Fellmoor's are bred like pets, and hundreds of years of inbreeding and training has created a strong line of submissive males, and a submissive female, making good servants. However, a select group of Fellmoor's were bred for combat, with longer claws and a more aggressive personality, retaining the ability to howl and growl unlike the rest. In modern Fellmoor society, they are the War Chiefs and Svarti, the Guardians.

Magic Edit

Fellmoor's have no magic, although they are inherantly resistant to disease and poison, while ashowing a resistance to mind control and illusions. However, they are extremely susceptible extreme heat or cold.