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Once a beautiful, thriving city where the short-lived mortals cohabited with the wide range of magical beings in relative peace, surrounded by the wonders of magic and nature, Dalisor was beautiful.

However, the new King is following in the footsteps of his ancestor, Alathor, by concentrating on both the advance of technology and the dismissal and destruction of magic. The elevation of the city, which nobody knows how it was done, has slowly sent Dalisor down a dark path towards hate, fear and prejudice.

The Monarchy and those supportive of the Royalist Cause seem to believe that magic is something for the past, a dead art that needs to be removed. Some fear it and are in awe of it even as they hate.

There are those who believe that the King's Cause is a fruitless one, and try to stop him at every turn, and preserve their way of life. These are the Phoenix Talon Rebellion - The Claws of the Reborn.

Within both camps, there are those looking for peace, a happy medium. And caught up in it all are those who do not wish to take a side. The innocents caught in a crossfire.

Which side will you choose?

This wiki is for holding all information pertaining to the Dalisor Web RPG.


No news really... feel free to add as you like. There are few guidelines if any. Basically, though, try to keep the format of your pages similar to other pages of that type. (This should only really affect Character, Race and Nation pages.) Also, try to get a general idea of what's already here so you don't blatantly contradict someone and create a paradox - and try to keep it in the style of the world, of course. And, of course, nothing inappropriate, offensive, unreadable, etc. etc.

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