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Species - Homo Lunas Octopoda

Location - Cilophytes are found in the Bay of Lunas in eastern Eulysal and on coastal areas of Mefreet and especially Selemond.

Origin - Cilophytes are believed to be an offshoot to the other Merpeople races that was separated by a geological event in the Bay of Lunas, leading to a differing evolution, quite possibly influenced by magic.

Appearance - From the top of their legs up Cilophytes resemble humans. From where their legs would start downward their lower body is comprised of eight octopus like muscular tentacles. They are amphibious and can survive on land or sea, unlike regular Merpeople who are fully aquatic. Their lower half ranges in colour, usually being muted tones of purple, green or orange. Their upper half is usually pale and they have exhibited hair colours not common among humans, such as purple and green, though they have regular hair colours as well.

Disposition - Cilophytes are very different from Merpeople "On the outside", referring to Merfolk living in the open ocean as opposed to in the bay of Lunas. They tend to be kind and gentle and sometimes shy. They value intelligence and reason but also have a stern side that dislikes needless violence or the unjust.

The majorty of Cilophytes are born female and usually live together in close knit family groups with one husband. Families make up various towns on the shallow areas of the bay floor, though there are Cilophyte villages built on beaches. Many Cilophytes prefer to live by themselves and wander however, visiting all parts of the Bay of Lunas and beyond.

Cilophytes have a long history of friendship with Selemond - in olden times before the contact with this race was made, many Selemondian sailors gave reports of being rescued from drowning by beautiful but inhuman "sea-maids". During a violent storm a group of Cilophytes washed up in a small village near Mannoberg. The populace was frightened and kept a distance of the injured creatures but word reached a young minister of that era who rode to see for himself and ordered that the strange visitors be treated and looked after. This lead to the alliance today, with the more adventurous Cilophytes taking jobs as navigators on Selemondian naval ships. Both races respect each other for their perceived levelheadedness and isolationism. Cilophytes have often acted in a espionage capacity as well, being skilled at moving silently on both land and water. One of the greatest errors of Chessandis in its disastrous war against Selemond was not accounting for spying from this angle.

Magic - Cilophytes tend to be a quite magical race and they freely study and practice magic. They have tended to restrict themselves from the more powerful forms of magic, wary of the consequences. Many of the best experts on magic in Selemond have been Cilophytes.