Name: Charlie Age: 15 Gender: Unknown Species: Human

Location: Everywhere

Magic: None

Weapon of choice:

Role: Apprentice to Caractacus Stellarum

Description :  Filthy clothes hang from a thin, androgynous frame, tall and lanky.  Electric lavender irises shinning with couriosity and youthfulness through the layers of caked on ground dirt and swaet streaks.  A mop of unruly mouse brown hair sat on top of the bean sprout; twin beauty marks below each eye hidden below the grime.


Before Chapter IEdit

Chapter I Edit

Tick-tock, the only thing in Charlie's life that was predictable to steady was the clock in the main square of Cathureos, raising oneself on the street was hard enough let alone impossible to find an apprenticeship.  Searching for breakfast like any other normal day, Charlie ran into several people that would change the youngling life forever; Faris, Escher Kettell, and two Rebels.

With a kind nature Caractacus Stellarum accepted the youth and a baby boar by the name Mu who grew quite fond of Charlie after he was spared from being supper, into his home.  Offering Charlie a place to live, an apprenticeship and lessons on swordsmanship. After this Charlie met Lieutenant Ambrose Atwater and Faris again in Caratacus' store.

The next day was the day the Dragon attacked, and Charlie aided her master by having some the Railgun ready and by commandeering a skiff to reach Caractacus once the Dragon died. She wanted to look for Faris, and helped to bandage him up before the guards took him to a Doctor.

After this she returned to the store with her master, and the Rebels found them from the calling card Caractacus had left in the Old City.

Chapter II Edit

Chapter III Edit