NAME - Akilina Demichev, Ambassador to the Exalted Empress Natashka Chekonov I, Liaison between His Majesty King Alathor and the Covenant of the Brenn.

AGE - Undeterminable.

GENDER - Female

SPECIES - Human. (Ruthvren Lineage, see notes.)

LOCATION - Everywhere. Primarily among the slums.

MAGIC - None

WEAPONRY - Lever-Action thin-barrel Pistol, custom fitted with buckshot capacity chamber. Fires custom-made bearings and custom buck.

OCCUPATION - Former Ambassador, Now just a regular joe.

DESCRIPTION - Short red hair cut and trussed, with a fringe long enough to cover the scarred right eye and cheek. The fresh face of sixteen, aged by the grey eyes whose tales could span an age. Dainty hands and pedicured nails, like a woman of court, reflected by the perfectly straight teeth unknown in deeper parts of the slums. For clothing, a pale blue ballroom dress, it's wicker frameworkk billowing at the back but removed at the front, exposing pale legs covered in long black socks and serviceable heels. The dress had once had all the fluff and pomp, but the lace had been removed, the sleeves removed and replaced with plain white men's sleeves, once belonging to a long-sleeved shirt., making the dress look almost like a waistcoat. The whalebone did little for the boyish frame, only accenuating a small amount of chest. On her right thigh, the holster for her pistol and ammo, looping onto the belt around her waist. To compensate for the affront to noble sensibilities she wore a pair of leather shorts, skintight to avoid snags on the wicker. An old ring, inlaid with the incomprehensible Glyph of the Ruthvren bloodline on her little finger on the left hand.


Before Current PlotEdit

To Come.

In Current PlotEdit

Has moved through Dalisor, working on mysterious goals that seem to centre on shifting the power structure in Dalisor to suit the national agenda of Oscrow. She has loosely worked with those involved in the Spiral Cross affair, though has made contact with many other personages with varying goals.

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